Having spent many years in corporations, we know “the machine”. We have seen customers defined in profiles, types and focus groups. After sending out millions of long surveys and questionnaires with very little return rates, we have recognized that an authentic dialogue with each and every customer is needed.
Observe the latest e-commerce and social media developments and see how customer service has been perfected by these companies, without even having personally met the customer. They have mastered the process of delivery, making feedback transparent, fast and simple with the indicators visible to everybody.
Online Indicator was created to bring the physical and virtual worlds together. Our objective is to help you reengineer your sales and customer processes into truly customer friendly ones and to generate indicators and statistics through a system that will not send your clients running away from your brand. To obtain this technology we have partnered up with Reputation Aegis, a highly advanced customer intelligence platform that allows us to manage all your online reviews under one portal.

Founder & President

Pedro Cabrera Scheider

Business Development leader with 25 years experience in the automotive industry. Lived in Latin America, Europe and since 13 years in the US. Background is International Business, Marketing and Information Systems. Implemented process improvement projects in over 50 countries. Successfully managed international sales teams and lead Sales Regions with 400+ automotive dealers. Believes that regardless of size, organizations can achieve operational excellence by empowering their teams. Passionate about finding new ways to surprise customers and looking for business partners that want to join him is his

drive for success.

Vision & Mission

We strive for a hyper connected world full of customer-driven brands, companies & organizations that deliver 100% service quality. Operational excellence and 5-Star online review ratings have become a given! Now brands and companies are competing to amaze consumers again and again. Online Indicator has become a leading partner for many brands in their quest for customer service excellence.

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Our goal is to turn your customers into raving fans! Are you the brand that truly believes in growing business profitably by being passionate about exceeding customer expectations? Then we are your strategic partner. We will support you with our innovative systems, professional know-how, coaching methods and the dedication you need to excel.