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 November 20, 2017   onlineindicator  

911 responds fast, but be critical when choosing the hospital Some weeks ago, my wife, Angelica had an accident shattering her elbow. It happened at a friend’s birthday party, where she, in her lively and engaging manner, was directing all guests to form for a group picture. I was all the way in the back […]

 September 21, 2017   onlineindicator  

When one hears these words, to most of us comes to mind the image of a man with a mustache, dressed in a poncho and a hat, slowly moving with a donkey through the coffee plantations of a mountain range. The experience I will tell you about is exemplary for many other I have lived […]

 August 10, 2017   onlineindicator  

Since I began my journey of inquiry into the world of customer service, I am increasingly aware of how different service providers manage to exceed the expectations of us consumers. And I emphasize, “surpassing”, because that is what it takes to get to total amazement and create a relationship of trust. If one as a […]